During lockdown I was literally stressed. Taking care of household chores and at the same time working from home… I was just not able to manage it. The other part was financial concern, I was not able to meet the needs of my family. Due to which I used to be frustrated all the time. I didn’t want to be in that state and wanted to come out of it.
And then I crossed path with Pramod and my life literally took a turn. He is an amazing coach. He bought a totally different perspective towards life. The way he got me out of all this is mindblowing. He taught various simple tools and techniques after practicing it in my daily life for few just minutes I was able to manage my life really well. Not only this but I also got a better opportunity from which my money concerns were also solved. I will 200% recommend Pramod to anyone, who is going through similar concerns


Cyber Cell – Maharashtra Govt

I was suffering from a bad relationship with my family, due to which I was going through immense stress.
Thanks to you Pramod, I am part of a happy family now. You helped me to fix things up with my family. Just because of YOU we are now living happily together.
If you’re someone like me and you’re facing severe problems with your family then don’t delay, reach out to him right away.


IT Analyst- Wipro​

I had lost my job in COVID due to which I was completely stressed, I used to apply for job in many companies but never got the job due to which I was loosing my confidence, I was afraid while thinking about my future and did not have any clarity about my life but then my friend suggested me to consult with Pramod.
He introduced me to a unique course in which I learnt many tools and techniques which helped me realise my true potential. After going through his workshop I applied to two companies and surprisingly I got the offer from both, that was a magical moment for me and it boosted my confidence to the next level.
If you want to be free from negativity, anxiety, stress, lack of confidence, no clarity about future then I strongly recommend you to consult with Pramod at least once.

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